Student information organization

Organization was something I struggled with for my first few years of teaching. I wanted to have one area of my room dedicated to things my students need, but with 38 students and a classroom that wasn't built to accommodate that many, I needed it to be a small area.

So far I am finding that my current set-up works. As students walk into my classroom, there is a table and a bulletin board dedicated to things they need.

The table has three baskets on top of it. Two of the baskets are for my classes to turn their work in. I have one for each subject I teach.the other basket is for absent work. I usually get to this work later on. The students write the date of their absence on their paper and turn it in.

The table also has two staplers and two hole punchers on it. Sometimes I think I should probably out three or four staplers on the table. I make the staplers available to my students at all times because I cannot stand when students turn in multiple pages without stapling them together.

Directly above the table, I stapled three different folders to the wall. These file folders contain important information for my students. One holds their bell ringer logs. When a student needs a new one, they know where to find one. I also have a folder labeled, "while you were out." I put important information and handouts into this folder so that students can easily find information they missed. Finally, I have one labeled "no name papers." All no name papers get out into tis folder.

I post regularly updated grades on the bulletin board above this table.

So far I have found that this system works best for me, for now at least. How do you organize your classroom?

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