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I think I knew I wanted to be an English teacher as a young child. Before my little brother started kindergarten, he attended preschool at home -taught by me at the ripe ol' age of eight. I would parade him down the hallway and to my classroom in a single-file line while he crossed his arms. I planned out lessons, worksheets, and comprehension questions for him. We would watch a PBS show together, and then I would ask him questions about it. I tried teaching him about topic sentences and paragraphs before he even knew how to write. I guess I've always been interested in creating English curriculum.

My love for the English language and teaching reading and writing has only grown since. I'm entering my sixth year of teaching high school English, and I could not be happier in any other career. I get to work with teenagers, our country's future, every day. I get to share with them my love of reading and writing. I get the opportunity to inspire them.

I teach at a semi-rural high school in the outskirts of Los Angeles. Mainly, I teach freshmen and sophomores; although the freshmen curriculum is my favorite. Most of my students are high-risk English language learners, and many of them come from poverty. Many of my students deal with situations that no teenager should ever face. They teach me new things everyday, and I try to do the same for them.


  1. Thank you for the cool book: Growth Mindset Bell Ringers. I think it will provoke my 7th-11th graders to think deeper!

    I couldn't help but notice that 67% of the quotes come from Anglo males, 23% from Anglo women, and only 10% (3 people) of color. 0% are Hispanic, Asian, or Native American women (or any other cultural background). I work with students who are predominately Mexican/Mexican American in Maryvale, Arizona.

    I love your concept and if I could offer one suggestion: please add more diversity into future Bell Ringers!


    Junior High and High School Reading Specialist

    1. Hi Socorro. Thank you for your insightful feedback. I will definitely make sure I diversify all future bell ringers. Since my first Growth Mindset Bell Ringers resource came out, I have posted a second installment. My newest set of Bell Ringers is all about creating classroom community and teaching love, kindness, and acceptance. The quotes in that resource are very diversified.