Plastic shoeboxes: a durable resource for classroom organization

My first post about classroom organization seemed pretty popular, so I wanted to write another post about how I organize classroom supplies.

Since I teach secondary English, occasionally I have students create projects that require them to cut, glue, draw, and color. And because of this, I need to have scissors, glue sticks, rulers, colored pencils, markers, and crayons in my classroom.

I keep them organized in clear plastic shoe boxes. These shoeboxes provide many benefits: they stack nicely, they are durable, and you can see their contents. I also use similar boxes to organize my son's playroom. I purchased these shoeboxes more than four years ago and they are still working great. I don't think I will need to replace them for quite some time.

I have a built-in shelving system in my classroom. My white boards actually slide on this system and hide the contents within. All of the shoeboxes with the classroom supplies fit inside.

The shoeboxes keep all of the supplies organized, and they also make it easy to get the supplies ready for students to use. Generally, I like to have two boxes or markers and two boxes of crayons, that way I can place them in multiple places throughout the room for student access.

How do you organize your supplies?