Innovative Classroom Technology Day

Classroom teachers across the nation are including innovative technology in their everyday teaching. These teachers know and realize that technology is the future of education. Whether you are a seasoned classroom technology expert or even if you are just beginning to dip your toes into the classroom tech pool, today, Innovative Classroom Technology Day, is the perfect day to explore new technology to use in your classroom.

One new way to introduce innovative technology into your classroom is through digitally based and delivered educational resources. I love Google Classroom because I am able to easily deliver digital content and assignments to my students.

One of my favorite digital teaching resources is my SMARTePlans Growth Mindset Digital Interactive Notebook because it helps students realize and unlock their true potential.

To celebrate Innovative Classroom Technology Day, here are some informative blog posts and engaging digital lessons to use in your classroom.

What kind of innovative technology are you using in your classroom?

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